8.49 GBP

Package Description

Our more feature-rich package for those who want to support the server even more than the base tier, thank you for helping us deliver a unique roleplay experience :)

You'll get the following for purchasing this package, which renews monthly:

  • All of supporter where applicable
  • +50 props
  • Unique cars and motorcycles
  • Access to the 1 reserve slot in full teams (for jobs with multiple slots)
  • Priority in server queue
  • Set up to 50% tax as president
  • 2 property limit
  • Double drop rate for seasonal events
  • Additional order slot for dynamic economy
  • +2 Money printers (with contraband rework)
  • Material URL tool (one slot)
  • Choose own physgun colour
  • 2 extra lights with light tool
  • Undercover police access + /copcar
  • +250 inventory space
  • Custom horns purchasable from the store
  • A ruby icon next to your name in OOC.

Supporter ranks are non-refundable.

You will receive this package in game on the Garry's Mod Roleplay server, as well as on the Discord. If you encounter any issues with your rank assignment, contact Conn#0001 on Discord.